Strikeworth 6-foot Multi Games Table


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26/11/2018: Please note that this table cannot be delivered to Scotland before January 2019.

The 6-foot Strikeworth Multi Games table presents three popular games in one unit. On one side of the rotating top is an air hockey table, with a mains-operated electric fan providing a cushion of air through 1,700 perforations, and deep rails keeping the puck on the table. On the other side is a fully-equipped pool table, fitted with high-quality cloth selected for its speed and longevity, as well as responsive L-shaped rubber cushions.

Also included is a two-piece table tennis top, which simply rests over the pool table and is clamped securely in place with the net posts.

The Strikeworth 6-foot Multi Games table is made from hard-wearing MDF with a matt black finish, and features bolt-on legs with independent height adjusters to provide a level surface. The rotation mechanism uses a unique locking lever support system that allows the top to be rotated by one person in less than 30 seconds, and a variety of storage areas allow gaming accessories to be tidied away.

Included with the table are two pool cues, one set of pool balls, a triangle and chalk, as well as two table tennis bats, two table tennis balls and the net and post set, and also two air hockey pushers and two pucks.


  • Three great games in one quality nultigame table.
  • Reversible pool and air hockey table with table tennis top.
  • Free pool, air hockey and table tennis accessories.
  • Rotating design with unique locking levers.
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